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Tips for pine wood maintenance

At Art Solucions we use Radiata pine wood, with PEFC certification, which is the organisation that promotes sustainable forest management and guarantees that the products that reach the market have been obtained from responsibly managed forests.


Pine wood is a living material and is not 100% stable. At high temperatures and lower moisture content it tends to shrink.

The stability depends on the drying rate of the moisture it contains and the process of shaping the strips, which are glued together with special glues to form the boards.


On the other hand, the colour of the wood is not stable either, tending to darken slightly in the light and over time.

All our pine wood comes treated with special outdoor water-based varnishes.


Tips for maintenance:


1. To clean all elements with pine wood, use a cloth with warm water and a little mild soap. Dry with a soft cloth or paper.


2. Do not use detergents or solvents for cleaning. Do not rub with scouring pads.


3. If possible, keep pine wood elements out of direct sunlight. If this is not possible, the wood may darken noticeably, but this does not affect the structure of the element.


4. Do not leave pinewood elements outdoors for long periods of time and on terraces in the open. If possible, store indoors overnight or protect with plastic or tarpaulin if left outdoors.


If you have any questions about maintenance, please contact us at

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