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What do we do?

Consulting process

From site visit, sketch or idea of a new product, we create the process to achieve the best final result.


Graphic design and rendering

An idea, a sketch, we express it with a virtual recreation of what the project or product will look like, using the best software, such as Skechtup, Keyshot and V-Ray.


Industrial design, drawings and material memory

Elements designed, with the smallest detail, to save costs, always using the best software such as Solid Works, Rhinoceros, Keyshot and V-Ray.


Decoration bars, restaurants, hotels.

Site visit, consultancy, measurements, photos, rendering of plans, manufacture, assembly... Final turnkey delivery.


Furniture production

Tables, chairs, upholstery, armchairs, sofas, stools, DJ bars, bar counters, back bar furniture, lighting elements, etc. We manufacture your idea.


Production of large and medium-sized POS

Medium and large elements in single, medium and large series, with the possibility of customisation.


Production of small POS

Small elements in large series to optimise the price.


Events management

Idea, strategy, design, visit of the space, the target, manufacturing, logistics, assembly, all the necessary infrastructure to carry it out.


Commercial spaces, supermarkets and department stores.

Design, manufacture and assembly, complying with the strict regulations of large supermarkets.


Trade fair stands

Design, manufacture, rental of necessary elements, assembly and final turnkey delivery.


How do we do it?


Design and project management department. The heart of the company.

A Human Team, with the best tools to design and manage projects with ERP software for planning and monitoring.


Carpentry wood

All the machinery to be able to work wood with precision, detail, quality and speed. Squaring machine, edger, spindle moulder, vertical saw, etc. to manufacture any structure in any type of wood.


We only work with PEFC certified wood.


Find out more...



All the machinery to work steel, stainless steel and aluminium, with precision, detail, quality and speed. TIG welding (aluminium, steel and stainless steel). MIG welding. Arc welding. Plasma cutting, forging, rod bending, tube bending, sheet metal bending, automated cutting, etc. to manufacture all types of metal structures.


Laser machines

4 machines for cutting and engraving a wide range of materials.

laser 160x100 folding table

Laser 130x70 folding table

Laser 100x80 folding table.

Portable laser for engraving.

with the best software to optimise work.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-11 at 13.47.29.jpeg

CNC milling machine 3x2 meters

Computerised CNC milling machine with 3x2 metres surface, for machining large formats, small parts, in wood, composites, aluminium, etc. Aspire software for work optimisation.


Vertical saw 5 x 3.5 meters.

Specially designed for cutting medium and large format panels up to 5 metres long and up to 3.5 metres high.


Vinyl plotters

To make reality your idea, logo or image of your company on vinyl


Department of electrical assemblies

To make any electrical madness you propose us come true.


Logistics and order picking

More than 500m2 for storing raw materials, finished materials and order preparation.


Assembly team

Team of specialists, that we move wherever you tell us, locally, nationally or internationally.

Clients who trust us

Where do we stand?


Art Solucions

Polígono Industrial Norte, Calle del Brincadero, Naves 13 y 15, 28750 San Agustín del Guadalix, Madrid, Spain

+34 91 628 75 03

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