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The design may be very nice but then it has to be manufactured....

Starting from a sketch, in our engineering and design department, we are specialised in drawing up the plans down to the smallest detail, for an optimal cost configuration without leaving anything to chance. Position of the elements, structural loads, necessary details, supports, sockets, electrical circuit for lighting, so that the whole product complies with the characteristics required by our client. That is the difference.


Most of our manufacturing processes are automated (laser, CNC, automatic cutting, etc). With the engineering and design process we achieve the required precision, according to the plans.


For this we use the best software on the market, such as Solid Works, Rhinoceros and V-Ray.

First plan design

The second step is the design of the first plans, together with the rendering in order to have a better spatial vision at the time of manufacturing the prototype.

Captura de pantalla 2020-08-07 a las 12.

Prototyping process and organisation of series production

We go directly to prototype manufacture, to correct faults and changes in the drawing and adapt the product for subsequent mass production or unit manufacture. In this way we optimise time and reduce costs.

Revised manufacturing process

Whether it is a large, medium or small production, with the final plans, we move on to the manufacture of the product, in which we can measure times and processes, for the final finish, in time and quality.

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